December 21, 2014

“Christmas from Mary’s Perspective”

Passage: Luke 2
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"Christmas from Mary’s Perspective"

Various Scriptures

1. Mary’s background (Luke 1:26-30)

A. Her ethnicity

B. Her character

C. Her virginity (26-27)

D. Her marital status at this time (27)

E. Her favor with God (28-30)

2. Mary’s revelation (31-37)

A. She will give birth to a son named Jesus (31)

B. Her child will be great (32)

C. Her child weill be God in human flesh (32)

D. Her child will be the Messiah (32-33)

3. Mary’s response (34-56)

A. Mary questions how this can be (34)

B. The angel explains the virgin birth (35-37)

C. Mary accepted this mission with humility (38)

D. Mary visits her relative Elizabeth (39-56)

E. Mary uttered or sang a great song (46-56)

G. Mary became Joseph’s wife (Matt. 1:24)

4. Mary’s activities as the mother of Jesus

A. Mary remained a virgin until after the birth of Jesus (Matt. 1:25)

B. Mary delivered her son and fulfilled her duties as the mother

of Christ (Luke 2:1-20)

C. Mary, along with her husband, had Jesus dedicated in the

temple (Luke 2:21-40)

D. Mary, along with Joseph, welcomed the Magi (Matt. 2:1-12)

E. Mary joined her husband and escaped to Egypt to protect

the Christ child (Matt. 2:13-18)

F. Mary, along with her husband, returned to Nazareth after the

danger had passed. There she, along with Joseph, raised

her son (Matt. 2:19-23)

G. Mary, along with Joseph, lost her son in Jerusalem, and later

found him in the temple (Luke 2:41-52)

H. Mary interacts with Jesus on a few occasions during his

public ministry (John 2, Luke 8:19-21)

I. Mary is at the crucifixion of her son and is taken into John’s

care, but is not mentioned specifically as having witnessed

the resurrection (John 19:25-27)

J. Mary was present with the first century church as they

gathered and dealt with the leadership replacement (Acts 1)

K. Mary never appears again in the book of Acts. She is not

mentioned in any of the Epistles, and probably died with all

the others who were persecuted.

L. While Mary was a great woman, she is not presented in

Scripture as having a leadership position, nor as one

whom we should hold up any higher than the apostles.



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