February 8, 2015

“God’s Order”

Passage: l Corinthians 11:2-16
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“God’s Order”

l Corinthians 11:2-16


  1. The practice of women wearing physical coverings on their heads


  1. Almost all women wore coverings as part of the culture of

Paul’s day

  1. This included most non-Christian, non-Jewish, and Jewish women
  2. If a Christian woman did not cover her head, it was outside of

cultural norms and would be regarded as unacceptable

  1. This would be true in all areas of life, not just while worshiping
  2. Today in most western cultures, women do not normally

wear physical covering

  1. This would also be true while worshiping


  1. The symbol of long hair as a covering


  1. Paul seems to be focused on long hair as it relates to

worship (3-6, 13, 15a)

  1. Notice Paul tells us that women have long hair as a covering


  1. While this is true in general, it is specifically important in


  1. Paul makes it clear that this practice is held in all the churches

at that time in history (16)


  1. The important eternal principles that are taught (3, 7-12)


  1. God is a God of order (3)
  2. Man was created in the image and glory of God (7a)
  3. While woman was also created in God’s image, she also reflects

a subservient position in God’s order (7b-10)

  1. God’s order is not about inferiority (3, 11)
  2. Both man and woman need each other (12a)
  3. Everything is ultimately dependent upon God (12b)


  1. The world cannot understand this


  1. Men and women are equal but different

  1. The differences in roles is part of God’s design


  1. The differences are not about inferiority or superiority

  1. The primary focus is in the context of church life and the

marriage and family relationship


  1. When it comes to matters outside the church and family, these

principles do not necessarily apply

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