May 7, 2017

“An Offended Man Trusts God”

Passage: I Samuel 18, 24, 26, II Samuel l
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“An Offended Man Trusts God”

I Samuel 18, 24, 26, II Samuel l


  1. David was truly offended
  2. He did nothing wrong  (I Sam. 18:6-9)
  3. Saul did everything wrong  (18:10-16)
  4. David was a true victim


  1. David did not seek revenge (24:1-4, 10)
  2. He had opportunities to seek revenge  (1-4)
  3. Many would have justified it  (10)
  4. He could have gotten away with it


  1. David attempted to reach out to the offender (I Sam. 24)
  2. David tried to convince Saul, by his words, that he was loyal

and not a threat  (24:8-15)

  1. He proved by his actions that he was not a threat to Saul (5-13)
  2. He remained loyal to Saul in spite of Saul’s hostility  (14-22)


  1. David trusted God all during his offense
  2. He would not slay God’s anointed  (24:5-7, 26:8-9)
  3. He understood that vengeance belonged to God alone


  1.   He waited patiently for God to act in His own timetable


  1. He remained faithful to these principles to the very end

(II Sam. 1:1-16)

Truths for Application:


  1. When you believe you are offended, no matter what the circumstance,

don’t become a victim.

  1. Do not seek revenge, rather trust God that He will bring justice and

vengeance as He sees fit.

  1. As far as it depends upon you, reach out to the offender and seek


  1. Follow Biblical principles (including Matt. 18) in seeking to resolve

your offense.

  1. Don’t stop trusting God.

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