June 22, 2014

“Can we use worship styles, methods, and substance to reach our culture?”

Passage: Psalm 137:1-6, I Corinthians 14:24-25
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“Can we use worship styles, methods, and substance to reach our culture?”

1. Example from the Old Testament (Psalm 137:1-4)

A. The Israelites were in a foreign land (1)

B. They had their musical instruments with them (2)

C. They were expected to sing for their captors (3)

D. The Israelites struggled with the challenge of singing their

songs to a different environment (4)

2. Example from the New Testament (I Cor. 14:22-25)

A. Paul makes worship and the gathering of God’s people distinct

between believers and others. (22)

B. Paul is concerned that unbelievers will not understand

things if they attend. (23)

C. Paul is not saying that the purpose of the gathering is

primarily for unbelievers. (23)

D. However, Paul does recognize that while worship and other

activities in the church gathering are for believers, we can

also be a blessing to those who are not yet saved. (24-25)

E. So, while worship is for believers, if it is done in a way

that is relevant to the lost, it can be of help.

3. How this could work today

A. Without compromise, we can take music, drama, art, and other

communication styles that are relevant to today’s world,

and use them to Worship God.

B. These can include popular musical instruments that the

world is familiar with.

C. It can and should include music styles that are familiar

to today as long as the content is sound.

D. We should remove as much archaic language from our

worship service, because the younger and unchurched cannot

understand and don’t need to.

Psalm 137:1-6, I Corinthians 14:24-25


E. While the primary purpose in coming together as believers in our

worship service is to worship God, we should be conscious of

those who are younger and those who don’t know the Lord.

F. Therefore, it is biblical and legitimate to use relevant music,

instruments, styles, dramas, art forms, and worship to reach the

next generation.

G. Under no circumstances should biblical content or principles

be compromised.

H. God alone should be glorified when we gather.

Conclusion - There is a need for change of mindsets in order to have

true worship

1. Notice we didn’t mention change of substance

A. The message of the Gospel must not change.

B. The content of our sermons, music lyrics, and all forms of

worship must be biblical.

C. The message of the Bible is the only message we have.

D. The God of the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ is the Only

object of our worship.

2. But, we must recognize that practices, methods and style vary in

time and culture.

A. Practices

B. Methods

C. Style

3. If we are locked into a practice, methodology or style of worship,

we can lose relevance and effectiveness with our

generation and culture.

4. All this requires change of mindset.

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