December 11, 2016

“Established Truths from the Parents of Jesus”

Passage: Matthew 1:18-25, Luke 1:26-38
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“Established Truths from the Parents of Jesus”

Matthew 1:18-25, Luke 1:26-38


1.  The message received by Mary  (Luke 1:26-38)


     A.  The virginity of Mary  (26-27)

     B.  The lineage established  (27)

     C.  The name of the virgin  (27)

     D.  Her special favor  (28-30)

     E.   Prediction of Jesus’ Messianic role  (31-32)

     F.   The confirmation of the virgin birth  (34-38)

     G.  The eternal ramifications of His life  (33)

     H.  The confirmation of the virgin birth  (34-38)


2.  The message received by Joseph  (Matthew 1:18-25)


     A.  Virgin birth confirmed by Joseph’s reaction  (18-19)

     B.  Christ’s lineage  (32)

     C.  Virgin birth confirmed by the angel  (20)

     D.  The name given  (21)

     E.  What he would do  (21)

     F.  Prophecy fulfilled  (22-23)

     G.  Joseph’s obedience  (24)

     H.  Mary and Joseph’s celibacy continues  (25)


3.  The message received by us


     A.  Because Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit, He is the

           Son of God

     B.  Because He is the Son of God, only He is qualified to die

           for our sins

     C.  We must believe, accept, and promote the doctrines that

           come from these two angelic visits

     D.  We must take this message and proclaim it to the lost


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