July 31, 2016

“How to Please God”

Passage: Malachi 1:1-14
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“How to Please God”

Malachi 1:1-14

  1. God’s love for His people (2-3)



  1. God’s disappointment in His people


  1. Just because God is disappointed with His people, does not

mean He stops loving us

  1. In fact, His love for us is part of the reason He is

disappointed with us

  1. His disappointment reflects His desire for us to change
  2. God warns of the consequences of disobedience  (4-5)



  1. God’s reasons for His disappointment


  1. Giving less than our best                                (Today)
  2. Spiritual leaders who dishonor God’s name
  3. Failing to separate
  4. Calling evil good and good evil
  5. Stealing from God
  6. Ultimately He wants to bless us



  1. Giving less than our best (6-14)


  1. God’s name is not honored  (6)
  2. Defiled offerings are being made  (7-8a)
  3. We would not offer such offerings to others  (8b)
  4. The admonition to change our ways  (9)
  5. The making of useless offerings  (10)
  6. God’s name is to be honored  (11)
  7. The wrong attitude  (12-13a)
  8. The wrong priorities  (13b-14)

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