November 16, 2014

“Learning to be Content”

Passage: I Corinthians 7:17-40
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“Learning to be Content”

I Corinthians 7:17-40


  1. Paul gives many situations that people are under, and suggests that

they remain in those situations.


  1. The reason - because of the present situation (26, 28b-29, 31)
  2. The examples:

General (17)

Circumcised (18-19)

In general (20)

Slavery (21-23)

In general (24)

Marriage issues (25-28)

  1. The purpose (29-31)



  1. Paul also discusses the advantages of being single, in light of the

present situation (32-38)


  1. This could also apply to given situations today
  2. There are some benefits to being single (32)
  3. Marriage is a great commitment; it should not be entered

into lightly (33)

  1. A married person has divided interests (34)
  2. There are some advantages to being single (34-35)
  3. However, there are other considerations that need to be

made in marriage (36-38)

  1. It is not wrong to choose marriage (36, 38)
  2. When Paul does not encourage remarriage for the divorced

person, it is because of the present situation, not because

there are no biblical grounds


  1. Finally, in this chapter Paul affirms the obvious with respect to

widows, while continuing to give his personal opinion (39-40)

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