October 11, 2015

“The Answer to Nehemiah’s Prayer”

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“The Answer to Nehemiah’s Prayer”

Nehemiah 2:1-10


  1. The context of the answer to Nehemiah’s prayer (1-3)


  1. Nehemiah has prayed in advance (Chap. 1)
  2. Nehemiah brings wine to the king  (1)
  3. The king notices Nehemiah’s sadness  (2)
  4. Nehemiah tells the king why he is sad  (3)


  1. The offer made by the king (4a)


  1. The immediate response of Nehemiah (4b)


  1. The response leading to the solution to the answer to

Nehemiah’s prayer  (5-10)


  1. Nehemiah boldly makes his request  (5)
  2. The king inquires and Nehemiah answers with respect to

the time  (6)

  1. Nehemiah outlines his need with specificity  (7-8a)
  2. The king granted his request  (8b)
  3. Nehemiah acted; the process began  (9)


  1. The immediate opposition (10)


  1. God was in it
  2. The king was in it
  3. Nehemiah was in it
  4. Yet there was opposition

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