March 29, 2015

“The Evidence and Effects of the Resurrection of Christ”

Passage: I Corinthians 15:5-34
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“The Evidence and Effects of the Resurrection of Christ”

I Corinthians 15:5-34


  1. The Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ (5-11)


  1. The eyewitness accounts (5-8)
  2. The multiple eyewitness accounts (5-8)
  3. The multiple appearances (5-8)
  4. The radically changed lives of the witnesses (9-11)


  1. The Effects of the Resurrection on us (12-23)


  1. The resurrection of all the dead in Christ (12-13, 16)
  2. The validity of our preaching (14)
  3. The credibility of our witness (15)
  4. The value of our faith (17a)
  5. The condition of our souls (17b)
  6. The eternal state of believers (18)
  7. The hope beyond the grave (19-20b, 23a)
  8. The world view around us (29-34)


  1. The Certainty of the Resurrection (20-28)


  1. Christ has been raised, it’s a fact of history (20)
  2. It fits into the entire divine plan of scripture (21-25)
  3. It’s the only answer to the abolition of death (26)
  4. It’s needed to fulfill the ultimate purposes of God (27)
  5. Without it, not only would God not be glorified, but He

would be a disgrace (28)

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