February 25, 2018

“Two Wisdoms: Two World Views”

Passage: James 3:13-18
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“Two Wisdoms: Two World Views”
James 3:13-18

1. There are Two Types of Wisdom and Understanding (15, 17)

A. The Kind that is of the World (15)
B. The Kind that comes from Above (17)

2. Characteristics of Wisdom from Below (14-16)

A. Its seen by worldly behavior (14)
B. Its not from Above (15)
C. Its from the earth (15)
D. Its unspiritual (15)
E. Its demonic (15)
F. Its seen by evil practices (16)

3. Characteristics of Wisdom and Understanding from Above

A. Its seen by Good Conduct (13)
B. Its seen in Meekness (13)
C. Its Pure (17)
D. Its Peaceable (17)
E. Its Gentle (17)
F. Its Open to Reason (17)
G. Its Full of Mercy (17)
H. It Produces Fruit (17)
I. Its Impartial (17)
J. Its Sincere (17)
K. It Produces a Harvest of Righteousness (18)
L. It Brings Peace (18)

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