May 14, 2017

“What should be our approach as it relates to offence?”

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“What should be our approach as it relates to offence?”

Various Scriptures


  1. Self-protection and preservation - the wrong approach


  1. Harboring an offense keeps us from seeing our own character

flaws, because the blame is place on another person  (II Tim. 3:7)

  1. Fleeing the city is always the easier response in the short run,

but is never God’s will  (Rom. 8:14-16)

  1. How you view your past relations, is how you cope for the future
  2. The way people leave a church or any relationship, is the way

they will enter into their next one  (John 20:23)


  1. The foundation of the Word of God - the right way

(Isaiah 28:16, I Peter 2:5, I Corinthians 3:11)


  1. This helps us avoid opinions
  2. This helps us avoid emotions
  3. This prevents us from acting in the flesh
  4. This foundation gives us light  (Psalm 119:30)
  5. This foundation gives us stability
  6. This foundation focuses on reconciliation, and not on

revenge or punishment


  1. The stability of the solid foundation when shaken by the storms

of offense  (Mark 4:16-17, Luke 22:21-27)


  1.   Jesus had plenty of opportunities to get offended -

but He didn’t  (Luke 22:21-27)

  1. We have a choice when we find ourselves with the

opportunity to be offended  (Mark 4:16-17)

  1. We also have opportunities to offend, or not to offend
  2. We must remain faithful to the truth, while we show love,

and let God take care of the rest

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