November 2, 2014

“A Difficult but Important and Relevant Topic”

Passage: I Corinthians 6:12-20
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  1. There are issues where we must exercise personal discretion

and judgment


  1. The word “everything” is in that context (12-13a)
  2. The Bible does not weigh in decisively
  3. Yet in our discretion and discernment, we see that, for us,

it may not be beneficial (12)

  1. Something may be permissible (meaning that it may not be

wrong in itself, but could be something that would master us (12)

  1. One example of this could be food (13a)


  1. There are also areas where the Scriptures are clear, and sexual

immorality is one of those areas (13b)


  1. Notice that this item is distinct from these other areas
  2. Notice that this item is clearly distinct from food
  3. Our bodies need food
  4. Our bodies don’t need sexual immorality
  5. Therefor this area is different from the “everything is permissible”


  1. The serious nature of sexual sin is emphasized (14-20)


  1. As believers, our bodies will some day be raised and glorified (14)
  2. Our bodies are members of Christ himself (15)
  3. Therefore, we should not use them to engage in sexual

immorality (15)

  1. When you do, you become one with the other person with whom

you are being immoral (16)

  1. We, as believers, are one with the Lord (17)
  2. We also see the unique nature of this sin (18b)
  3. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit (19a)
  4. We belong to Christ (19b)
  5. We were purchased with a price (20a)
  6. We should honor God with our bodies (20b)




  1. The solution to sexual immorality (18)


  1. Flee from it (18)
  2. Separate from it (Chap. 5)
  3. Expose it (Chap. 5)
  4. Follow God’s plan (Chap. 7)

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