October 9, 2016

“Choose Who Will Be on the Throne”

Passage: Joshua 24:1-27, Psalm 40:6
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“Choose Who Will Be on the Throne”

Joshua 24:1-27, Psalm 40:6


  1. Joshua reminds God’s people that God called them out of

paganism (1-4)


  1. Joshua reminds God’s people how God has taken care of them


  1. Joshua calls on the Lord’s people to be faithful to God (14)
  2. They are called to fear God
  3. They are called to serve Him
  4. They are commanded to throw away the gods their

forefathers worshipped


  1. Joshua calls upon God’s people to decide who will be on

their throne  (15)

  1. This involves making a decision
  2. The making of a choice could include foreign gods
  3. Joshua makes it clear that his choice, along with his family,

will be the Lord


  1. The people express verbally their intentions to follow the Lord


  1. They verbally express their intentions to forsake idols

for God  (16)

  1. They recognize God’s faithfulness in the past  (17-18)
  2. They reaffirm that they will serve the Lord  (18)
  3. They give the reason why - because He is God  (18)


  1. Joshua is in no hurry to accept this commitment (19-20)


  1. The people insist on their commitment to the Lord (21)


  1. Joshua holds the people accountable (22-27)
  2. He reminds them of their word  (22)
  3. He calls for action  (23)
  4. The people affirm this  (24)
  5. A covenant was made  (25-27)



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