August 31, 2014

“Full Time Obedience”

Passage: 2 Sam 6:1-23
Service Type:

1. The Event that teaches us that obedience should be

full time. (1-7)

2. David’s reaction to the event. (8-23)

A. David got angry at God. (8)

B. He became afraid of God and the Ark. (9-11)

C. Then he changed his mind. (12)

D. David celebrated elaborately when the ark was

brought to his city. (13-15)

E. David received and defended himself from criticism.


3. Application for us from this passage.

A. We must guard against rationalism as it relates to

selective obedience.

B. When God commands or prohibits something it’s

not negotiable.

C. We must have a high view of God’s holiness.

D. We must take sin seriously.


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