January 10, 2016

“God Is Faithful”

Passage: II Corinthians 1:12-24
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“God Is Faithful”

II Corinthians 1:12-24



  1. God always keeps His promises (12-20)


  1. Paul acknowledged with good intentions that he

wanted to visit  (12-17)


  1. Obviously, circumstances prevented Paul from making

this visit happen


  1. Paul even suggested that he may have had reasons to

change his mind  (23-24)


  1. Paul uses this example to contrast God’s dependability (18-20)


  1. God has chosen to make us totally secure in Him.


  1. We stand firm in Christ  (21)


  1. We have been anointed  (21)


  1. He has set a seal of ownership on us  (21)


  1. His Spirit is in our hearts as an earnest  (21)


  1.   Our future is guaranteed  (21)





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