January 18, 2015

“Learning from Old Testament History”

Passage: l Corinthians 10:1-13
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“Learning from Old Testament History”

l Corinthians 10:1-13


  1. The reasons for Old Testament history (1-6)


  1. To avoid ignorance (1)
  2. To help us relate to those who went before us (2-4)
  3. To serve as a warning (5, 11)


  1. The warnings of Old Testament history (6-12)


  1. To keep us from idols (6-7)
  2. To keep us from impurity (8)
  3. To keep us from testing God (9)
  4. To keep us from grumbling (10)
  5. To keep us from pride (12)


  1. The consequences from disobedience in Old Testament history

(5, 8-11)

  1. Their bodies were scattered over the desert (5)
  2. Twenty-three thousand died in one day (8)
  3. They were killed by snakes (9)
  4. Some were killed by the destroying angel (10)
  5. These examples were given to show the results of sin

and disobedience (11)


  1. The encouragement we receive from Old Testament history (13)


  1. We are not alone in our temptations
  2. God will faithfully help us overcome
  3. No temptation or testing will be beyond our ability to overcome

with God’s help

  1. God will provide a way to escape from our temptation or testing

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