June 15, 2014

“Motivation for God’s Glory and Worship”

Passage: Isaiah 40
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“Motivation for God’s Glory and Worship”

1. The awe and reverence in the presence of God (Isaiah 40)

A. The anticipation of future glory (3-5)

B. The temporal nature of man and God’s eternal nature (6-10)

C. The greatness of God’s understanding (12-14)

D. The smallness of other nations compared to God Almighty (15-17)

E. The infinite inferiority of other gods compared with

Our Lord (18-20)

F. The benevolence of Almighty God (21-31)

2. God’s grace (Romans 7:18-19, Jeremiah 17:9, James 2:10,

Romans 14:23, Psalm 103:12)

A. Understanding that we are sinners (Romans 7:18-19, 24,

James 2:10, Romans 14:23)

B. Understanding the depths of the depravity of man

(Jeremiah 17:9)

C. Celebrating the fact that our sin has been completely dealt

with by God’s grace (Psalm 103:12)


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