February 26, 2017

“Paul’s Opening to His Final Letter”

Passage: II Timothy 1:1-14, 2:1-13
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“Paul’s Opening to His Final Letter”

II Timothy 1:1-14, 2:1-13


1. Paul is thankful  (3-5)


    A.  For his relationship to Timothy  (3-4)

    B.  For Timothy’s spiritual heritage and journey  (3, 5)


2. Paul is concerned  (6-10)


    A.  That Timothy’s journey of faith continues  (6)

    B.  That Timothy is spiritually strong  (7)

    C.  That Timothy is bold in his faith  (8)

    D.  That Timothy is willing to suffer  (8)

    E.  That Timothy understands the grace of God  (9)

    F.  That Timothy understands the Gospel  (10)


3. Paul is an example  (11-13)


    A.  He establishes for Timothy his authority  (11)

    B.  He explains to Timothy why he is suffering  (12)

    C.  He affirms that he is not ashamed, because of who he

          believes in  (13)

    D.  He urges young Timothy to do the same  (13)


4. Paul is an encourager  (14-2:1)


    A.  To hold on to the trust he has been given  (14)

    B.  To persevere as Paul did  (15-18)

    C.  To be strong in the grace found in Jesus  (2:1)


5. Be strong in grace  (1)


6. Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus  (1)






7. Pass it on  (2)


    A.  The grace

    B.  The truth connected to the grace


8.  Persevere  (3-7)


    A.  Persevere during hardship  (3)

    B.  Do so as a good soldier of Christ  (3)

    C.  Be focused like a soldier  (4)

    D.  Be committed like an athlete  (5)

    E.  Be expectant like a hardworking farmer  (6)

    F.  Take to heart these challenges  (7)


9.  Persevere for the sake of the Gospel  (8-9)


    A.  Remember the content of the Gospel  (8)

    B.  Take ownership in the Gospel  (8)

    C.  Suffer for it  (9)

    D.  Remember it’s the Word of God  (9)


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