March 25, 2018

“The Exercise of Faith”

Passage: James 5:13-20
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           “The Exercise of Faith”

                 James 5:13-20


  1. The Definition of faith exercised


  1. Faith that leads to redemption or salvation
  2. Faith that is practiced throughout a believer’s life
  3. Both of these are applicable in this passage


  1. The opportunities to exercise faith (13-15)


  1. When in Trouble  (13)
  2. When Happy
  3. When there is Sickness


  1. Doing what is right before God when exercising faith (16)


  1. Involves confessing our sin to each other  (16)
  2. Involves praying for one another  (16)


  1. The example of Elijah exercising faith (17-18)


  1. Elijah was just like us  (17)
  2. He prayed eagerly for specific things  (17)
  3. God heard his prayers  (18)


  1. The Ministry of Reconciliation with respect to the exercise

of faith  (19-20)


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