May 17, 2015

“The Great Commission Expands with Paul’s Calling”

Passage: Galatians 2
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The Great Commission Expands with Paul’s Calling"

Galatians 2



  1. Paul connects with the church after his conversion (1-2)



  1. Paul addresses the new challenge the church faces (1-2)



  1. Paul stands firm with respect to this challenge (5)



  1. Paul explains the need to stand firm (6)



  1. The results of Paul’s encounter with the leadership

of the church (7-10)


  1. They recognized Paul’s calling to the Gentiles (7)



  1. This did not change Peter’s calling to the Jews (7-8)



  1. Paul and Barnabas were sent out with the blessing and

support of the church to preach to the Gentiles (9)



  1. While they had a different target group, they shared the

same values (10)


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