December 18, 2016

“The Magnificat”

Passage: Luke 1:39-45
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“The Magnificat”

Luke 1:39-45


1.  The setting  (Luke 1:39-45)


     A.  Mary visits Elizabeth  (39)

     B.  Mary greets Elizabeth  (40)

     C.  Elizabeth’s baby leaped in her womb (41)

     D.  Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit  (41)


2.  The substance of Elizabeth’s response to Mary  (42-45)


     A.  Elizabeth understood that Mary was blessed  (42)

     B.  She understood that the baby was blessed  (42)

     C.  She recognized that the child was God in human flesh  (43)

     D.  Elizabeth’s son responded  (44)

     E.  This blessing includes everyone who trusts Christ  (45)


3.  The substance of Mary’s song - The Magnificat  (46-55)


     A.  Mary recognized that the child within her was her

           Savior  (46-47)

     B.  Mary worshiped and glorified God  (47-49)

     C.  Mary humbly understood the amazing and unique blessing

           with which she was bestowed  (48-49)

     D.  Mary understood that her Savior was also a blessing to

           others  (50)

     E.  Mary also recognized the cosmic, historic, and monumental

           impact of the life of her son  (51-53)

     F.  Finally, Mary understood that this child, whom she would     

          deliver, would deliver all who were part of the covenant

          made to Abraham  (54-55)


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