February 11, 2018

“The Most Important Thing We Need to Control”

Passage: James 3:1-12
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“The Most Important Thing We Need to Control”
James 3:1-12

l. The Importance of believers controlling their tongues (1-2)

A. You will be judged greatly by what you say (1)
B. Your tongue will make or break you (2)

2. Examples given of controlling something small that
affects something big (3-4)

A. Horses (3)
B. Ships (4)

3. The Difficulty of controlling the tongue (5-8)

A. The size of the tongue compared to its influence (5a)
B. The comparison of fire (5b-6)
C. Comparisons in nature (7)
D. The challenge and difficulty of taming the tongue (8)

4. The Urgency to control the tongue (9-12)

A. Because it can be used for good or evil (9)
B. Because it can produce both blessing and curses (10)
C. Because it’s not appropriate for our tongues to be
used for evil (10)
D. Because as believers, an uncontrolled tongue is a
contradiction of our faith (11-12)


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