August 31, 2014

“The Results of Sin”

Passage: II Samuel 12
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“The Results of Sin”

2 Samuel 12


1. David is confronted about his sin (1-6)


A. Nathan confronts David indirectly

B. He does it in a creative and effective way

C. He lets David condemn himself


2. Nathan then gets more specific (7-9)


A. Nathan tells David that he is the man (7a)

B. He reminds David of God’s blessings (7b-8)

C. He reminds David of his evil behavior (9)


3. He predicts some consequences of David’s sin (10-12)


4. David acknowledges his sin (13)


5. Nathan affirms that David has already been forgiven (13)


6. Nathan also affirms that David will not die (13)


7. However, David’s son will die (14)


8. David’s son gets ill and eventually dies (15)


9. David failed to change God’s mind (16-19)


10. David responds to the death of his son (20-31)


A. He worshipped (20)

B. He ate for the first time since his fast (20)

C. He answered questions about his change of heart (21-23)

D. He comforted his wife (24)

E. He and his wife would have another son (24-25)

F. He moved on with his life (26-31)





11. The rest of the book records the wages of sin: the sins of

both Saul and David (Chapters 13-24)


A. David would see his son Amnon sexually assault his

half-sister and be murdered by his brother Absalom

in revenge (13)


B. David would witness his own son’s conspiracy against

him (14-17)


C. Absalom, David’s son, would die in shame (18)


D. There would be war, violence, bloodshed, desertion,

and plagues (19-23)


E. David builds an altar to the Lord and the plague

finally stops (24)


F. Eventually Solomon takes over as king and makes major

mistakes in spite of his great wisdom (I Kings)



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