May 22, 2016

“When Things Don’t Make Sense”

Passage: “When Things Don’t Make Sense” Habakkuk 1:1 - 2:3
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“When Things Don’t Make Sense”

Habakkuk 1:1 - 2:3

  1. The complaint (1:1-4)


  1. The silence of God  (2)


  1.  The spiritual condition of God’s people  (3-4)


  1.  The propet’s own credibility as a prophet



  1. God’s answer (1:5-11)


  1. He will answer and respond  (5)


  1. He will use the Babylonians to fulfill His purpose  (6)


  1. God describes the evil behavior of the Babylonians  (7-11)



  1. Habakkuk’s complaint to God’s answer (1:12-2:1)


  1. He acknowledges God’s sovereignty  (12)


  1. He acknowledges what God is going to do  (12)


  1. He points out, however, what he sees as a contradiction  (13)


  1. He reaffirms his disdain for the Babylonians  (14-17)


  1. He confidently presents his case, seemingly hoping that God

will change His mind  (2:1)







  1. God’s immediate response is to hold His ground (2:2-3)


  1. God urges Habakkuk to write down his revelation  (2)


  1. He urges the prophet to make it clear  (2)


  1. He urges Habbakkuk to write it so a herald may spread

the message  (3)


  1. God states that this revelation awaits an appointed time  (3)


  1. He indicates that this revelation will come true

without delay  (3)


  1. In his remaining remarks, there is no indication whatsoever

that God’s plan to judge Israel will change in spite of

Habakkuk’s complaint


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